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Intersegmental Traction Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA to Improve Mobility, Balance and Strength

Intersegmental Traction Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA: At Ryno Chiropractic, Dr. Ryan Stroh provides intersegmental traction therapy to his patients as a way to stretch and elongate the muscles that support the spine. Intersegmental traction therapy is a non-invasive and effective treatment for people who are suffering from back pain and disc problems.

Intersegmental Traction Therapy at Ryno Chiropractic

When spinal joints are misaligned, it hinders the spinal discs from receiving nutrients that it normally receives from fluid circulation during regular spinal joint movements. Intersegmental traction therapy is used to help relieve these misaligned spinal joints.

The intersegmental traction table operates by using a dual roller which moves up and down the muscles on both side of the spine. The rolling contact is constant and works electronically. This rolling action mobilizes the spinal column while simultaneously stretching the ligaments and muscles. This helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to muscles, ligaments and discs, which works to improve mobility, balance and strength.

Benefits of Receiving Intersegmental Traction Therapy

  • Relaxes muscles
  • Improves circulation and regular range of motion
  • Hydrates spinal discs
  • Restores elasticity to muscles that support the spine
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Reduces swelling
  • Accelerates back injury recovery
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